Cow and Gate Growing up Milk Review – Bzz Agent

I recently searched the net for money making, money saving, couponing ways of the world. Obviously, most people would like to save more money, and someone has been watching too much Extreme Couponer!

I found this little site called BzzAgent. Whilst reading through the facebook pages and internet, it was mostly filled with complaints about people never getting anything from them but if you read the rules, it says you are likely to get only a couple of things per year. Basically, the company sends you products for you to ‘word of mouth’ advertise. Review, bore all your social media pals with posts about..that kind of thing…why not I said!

Recently I received my first ‘mission’…Growing up milk…anyone know knows me well, knows I am no advocate of follow on milk, growing up milk, or formula at all really. But especially follow on milks like this! You can turn down these campaigns and I almost did, but I decided to give it a go. If Jude really liked it, I may use it! Jude was and still is(and will be for the foreseeable future) breastfed and he doesn’t enjoy drinking mlk. We have tried giving him a bottle of cows or goats milk but just like his older brother, is having non of it.
I’ve always been told that babies post 1 year do not need formula at all any more, and follow on milk is just the creation of money grabbing formula companies wanting to make their money some place, any place they can. Like with the worried thoughts of the frazzled mums who are concerned their babies aren’t getting enough nutrients. I see why this would work.

Everyone knows that formula is expensive though, so transferring your baby onto cows milk is probably the cheaper and more preferred option. These little bottles that I have received retail around 65p per 200ml, they’re handy and ready to pour and you’re advised on the packaging to use just under two of these a day.
The price isn’t the main thing that puts me off on first appearance though, it’s the long list of ingredients. And the note that there is 8.4g of sugars for half of the small bottle. Quite alot!
Before letting baby Juju try the milk, I say it’s not worth the money, sugary milk. You can buy 2litres of vitamin fortified whole cows milk from the supermarkets for 1.50£ – 2.50£ and it has a simple list of ingredients. Whole milk and a couple of vitamins. Or, you could save even more money and if you’re truly worried about your age 1 year plus baby’s vitamin intake, grab some of the FREE vitamin drops from your health visitor or doctor and give them along side a healthy balanced diet and whole cows milk(or in our case, goats!)-that’s another story.

As I said, I do kind of want to let baby Juju try the milk. Because he won’t take any other milk in a bottle and I would occasionally, now he is 1 year want him to have a bottle of milk instead of breast. Maybe the extra sugar in it will make him like it! I wouldn’t have chosen to buy it myself to try so it’s worth a go for free.12170274_10156105776595543_835669226_n
Here are the boys trying the milk. 1 year old Juju did give the milk a try and probably entertained the idea for slightly longer than usual, but again, as norm, threw it and refused it!
Although this milk says ages 1-2…our 3 year old tried some too. He liked it! He didn’t notice a difference between this and cows milk at first, but didn’t finish his cup as usual. He ended saying he thought it tasted like mushrooms…! But he is 3…

Would I buy it? no…but not because it doesn’t do what it says on the bottle…it does. There isn’t anything wrong with the product. I’m just not a fan and it’s more expensive than normal fresh milk!


Juju at 1 year. Happy 1st Birthday Juju!


My name is : Baby Juju!
My favourite book is: Noisy Farm or Baby’s day
I love it when Mum cooks: Pasta and Garlic bread or fish fingers
My favourite person is: Mumma. She has the ‘ahh-ahhs’!! Lately ‘ahh ahh’s’ is less important and Daddy is the man. Mumma’s time is running short!
I’m really good at: having a boogie to any tune I hear!
My best friend is: Jijah
My favourite TV show is: Peg + Cat. The music really is my thing!
My favourite snack is: Ella’s kitchen cheese and herb wheels or biscuits
When I grow up I want to be: Just like Jijah
My favourite toy is: Cars…and balls! I quite like duplo and destroying train tracks too.
My favourite game is: Peekaboo or screaming contest with Jijah
Teeth I have: Two at the bottom, half of one on top!
What skills I am working on right now: Growing two top teeth and standing all by myself.
I sleep: when forced xD
Gross Motor skills I have mastered in the last year: Crawling, pulling up, climbing, walking around furniture, half rolling, climbing up the stairs
Fine/r Motor skills I have mastered in the last year: High fiving, waving, using Mummy’s phone, throwing stuff, pointing, clapping
Baby Sign language moves I can do: more, finished, please, no!
Things I hate: having my nails cut, being with anyone but mummy or daddy(most of the time), teething, not having what Jijah has, being still…!

Thanks for reading about all things Juju!

Recipe: Our favourite protein packed easy peasy gluten free, sugar free pancakes!

hese ‘pancakes’ are a firm breakfast favourite in our house! Loaded with protein, it’s a winner winner for Mrs Sugardoesn’tprocesswellpants(me!) and the kids love them too! Jijah is just like Mummy and doesn’t like cereals much! He either requests waffles(the toasted horrible kind) or pancakes! So I try to make these as often as possible as they’re quite healthy!
Now, whilst I call these babies pancakes, they aren’t strictly pancakes…Well, what even defines a pancake? These aren’t light and fluffy traditional american/scotch pancakes though!…unfortunately! But they are nice! Quite dense, almost the texture of very eggy eggy bread..but also quiet tasty! Especially with a drizzle of honey! Jijah’s favourite way to have them!

You will need: a food processor or a strong blender, a pan and a spatula(and some butter or cooking spray)!
IMG_5677 IMG_5678

Here is how you make them(they’re SO easy!):


You will need 1 medium banana, 2 eggs and some chia seeds(you can leave the seeds out but they’re great little things! Full of protein!)

IMG_5680IMG_5681 IMG_5682

Now bung all ingredients into blender, whizz up for a minute until it looks like this!


Spoon gently into blobs and kinda flatten them out a little into whichever shape you desire! 
Leave for a couple of minutes until you can lift up the edges with your spatula without them sticking and flip them over to cook a couple of minutes on the other side and serve! Wallah! Totes easy!

A sweet little bananaery pancake!
IMG_5687Let me know if you try!

Recipe: Sugar free, Gluten free Cocoa fruity flax muffies

Hello dear reader,
These little babies were a complete experiment in using up flaxseed!! I currently have a bag of goji flax and a bag of cocoa berry flax to use up! They’re not cheap so don’t wanna waste em! Flax is also very good for you! Fibre, anyone? Essential fatty acids, anyone? Yes please!….
These little muffies are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. With added juicy raisin fruitiness!
With no flour or refined sugar, these as always, are good little treats! Elijah loved helping me make these! See the bonus pics at the bottom! xD


What these muffies take:

2/3  cup of flaxseed(I used coco and berry flax*)
1/2 cup of ‘healthy’ peanut or almond butter
1/3 cup of honey
1/3 cup of milk (or any milk alternative!)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
2/3 cup of raisins(I used white raisins this time)

I doubled the recipe, but these make about 12

I used a small muffin tin for the baking, and sprayed that with 1 cal cooking spray before hand.
Preheat oven, at my good old 200c…it probably should have been a little lower. These burnt slightly.
IMG_5666 IMG_5667

Mix all together in a mixer, whack in the muffin tin holes and bake for about 20 minutes.
Let cool and pop out with a small spoon or spatula and mine just literally popped out!
I think the cocoa and berry flax really adds something to these! I think they might be a little boring without! I recommend it!

IMG_5670 IMG_5671

*Here is the flax I used: IMG_5663

IMG_5665 IMG_5669


Our Sir George Staunton Country Park Review (Guest Post)

So on our holiday week as well as going to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens(which we recently reviewed) we went to the Sir George Staunton Country Park in Havant..well I say we Juju was a bit sicky with a bit of a cold so me and him stayed home and Daddy went with Jijah and the grandparents. So this is a guest post by Daddy. Warning! It’s very long!! 🙂

It was the decision of the boys’ grandparents to go and visit Staunton Country Park (in part, I believe, due to the fact that they accept Tesco Clubcard vouchers for the entry fee). They had found out about it online. I hadn’t heard about it before, but Mummy had.

The first thing you come to on leaving the car park is a garden shop, with flowers and plants, etc. The ticket office also contained a gift shop stocking souvenirs, toys and games. Mostly things for kids. They also had buckets for animal feed for sale for £1, but there was no information on where to get the animal feed itself from. We paid the entry fee and (just like Hillier Gardens) they gave us each a sticker to show we had paid. On leaving the ticket office there was a sign saying animals to the left and gardens to the right. Having brought a three year old, we turned left to the animals.

IMG_5368The first enclosure that we came to contained Alpacas. They looked pretty funny, especially as they had been shorn recently, but they were very friendly. Next were the goats who, as always, were eager for anything we had to give them (which, at this point, was noting). After that was an enclosure with one llama and a number of deer. Then we walked past a duck enclosure to the farm’s main yard. In the middle of that was a pen containing a large sow and her five two-week-old piglets (who liked laying in a line right up against each other, looking like a pack of sausages!) Jijah didn’t spend long looking at them as he had spotted the play park, so ran off in that direction. Most of the equipment was a little bit old for a 3-year-old, but he did his best.

Beside the play park there were a café and a picnic area. So we sat down at a bench and ate the food we had brought with us, with Jijah playing in the play park for half the time. A black and white cockerel and couple of chickens were wandering around and eventually wandered under our table in search of food. Jijah found that funny, but Nanny was a little concerned that she might get a pecked toe through her sandal…

Once we had eaten, Jijah took his grand parents (Nanny and Pop Pop) to the “play barn” indoors play area, while I took some things back to the car. There are two halves to the play barn – a babies & toddlers soft play area, and a 5-years plus climbing frame. Jijah, being three, kind of fell between those two categories. Technically he should have used the babies & toddlers area (signed for 4-years and under) but he was adamant that he wanted to play on the big boys’ equipment. He did surprisingly well climbing up the rope ladder with only a little help from Pop Pop (and climbing up the slide on his own!!), but he couldn’t manage the rope bridge. Being a nice day, most children who were around were outside (and it wasn’t busy, being a term time weekday) so there were only one or two other children on the older kids’ equipment for him to get in the way of.

Nanny and Pop Pop also took him to the “pets’ corner” where there were some smaller animals to handle and stroke – if you went there after they rang the bell.

IMG_5359I stopped by the ticket desk to enquire about animal feed. It was 75p for a generous bag of “grass pellets”, which we could buy right there from the ticket desk (there just wasn’t a sign saying that, so we hadn’t asked for them when we first went in). So we took Elijah back to the goats, deer, llama and alpacas, and tried to teach Jijah how to feed them. He did, more or less, get the idea of keeping your fingers together, although he couldn’t really keep his hand flat as the signs tell you to do. His biggest problem was that he kept retracting his hand and dropping it all as soon as the animal came into contact with him! I think he enjoyed it, but got bored of it quite quickly.

We also visited the “kids’ paddock” where you could walk around with sheep, small goats, and chickens. And there were some tropical birds in cages there too. The sheep were even worse at pestering you for food than the goats had been! Jijah kept asking to ride the goat (it would have been about the right size…), probably because he heard us mention the sign explicitly telling you NOT to let anyone ride the animals! After that he spent less time looking at the animals and more time looking at the water trough and trying to find the way into the hen house. (I’m not sure whether he thought it was a play house, or whether he was looking for eggs like they do on Peppa Pig!)

There were some more goats (and other animals, I believe) beyond this, but Jijah didn’t let us spend long looking at them before dragging us back to the play barn – mainly to play on the Peppa Pig car that was in there, instead of looking at the real pigs outside!IMG_5373

After this we left the animals and went to the gardens. The scents coming from various areas around the garden were wonderful. They have a large glasshouse (in which it is VERY hot) with all sorts of tropical plants in, including the Amazon water lily with its HUGE lily pads. Jijah liked looking at the water lily, and the little fish in the same pond, but mostly he liked running round the main glasshouse… until he fell over and hurt himself on the grating on the floor 😦

After that we went to the sensory garden to try & cheer him up, but that was very disappointing. It looks like it needs some work. We skipped the maze, as it didn’t seem like our sort of thing, and Jijah was tired.

Staunton hide

We then found this little education area, which looks like it’s usually used for school trips and things, but today it was open. There was a hide in there looking out onto a meadow, and educational signs up around the place. We looked out from the hide for a little while, and tried to point out the birds and insects to Jijah, but his attention didn’t last long.

I think Jijah’s favourite place in the park by far was the old gothic Library. This is the last remaining part of Sir George’s house, and apparently used to house an impressive collection of books, but now it is somewhat a shell. Perfect for Jijah to run round shouting his head off, singing his favourite kids’ TV theme of the day. Prompting me to end the day with a somewhat unusual comment something along the lines of “you can run round the library a few more times, but then we’ve got to go” – not the usual thing you say to your kids about libraries…


Recipe: Peanut butter cacao nib no bake energy balls

IMG_5602Hello non baking! I enjoy you very alot!
These balls*snigger* are a great breakfast cheat. Packed with protein and energy giving food stuffs to last you at least until elevenses, when you could have some lemon blondies, right? xD
I’ve made these before, but with real chocolate chips! I made these healthier by using cacao nibs(like chocolate chips, only healthier…no sugar, non refined..yadda yadda yadda..) cacao nibs have a slight texture of bark(nice!) and taste more fruity/woody than normal chocolate chips, but still quite nice! An okay replacement for chocolate chips anyhow! I bought them from Amazon. They’re not cheap unfortunately!

These healthy bites of energy take:

1/3 a cup of honey(it’s all needed-helps with binding!)
1/2 a cup of peanut or almond butter(I use meridian-see below)
1 tsp of vanilla extract
2/3 a cup of shredded coconut
1/2 a cup of flaxseed(I used some with goji berries-ooh fancy! – see below!)
1 cup of plain old oats
5 tbsp of cacao nibs(could have used 4)

Mix mix mix…
IMG_5595  IMG_5598

Ta da! – Squish em into balls, and keep in the fridge! They last for ages! If you don’t eat em all first!

Products of interest:

IMG_5592                                     IMG_5597
Let me know what you think if you try them!

Recipe: Sugar free, gluten free lemon blondies


These moist(donchya love that word?!), buttery babies are gluten free and pretty much sin free(sorry Slimming World ladies, I don’t know about SYN free!) and quite tasty! Something your Granny might like! Actually my Mother would! Sorry Mum! They’re a bit like a piece of lemon drizzle!

What these babies take to make:

1 and a little bit cups of almond flour(ground almonds)
1/3 a cup of honey*
(warning GD ladies-I think this is quite alot of sugar!!!! So these aren’t a go cake party mad item xD – Now I know they taste great with this much honey, I will try a little less next time) 1/3 is my go to amount first off.)
About 5 squishes of the bunny salt grinder
1/2 a cup of butter(really must remember to buy coconut oil!!!)
2 beaten eggs
The zest of one lemon
The juice of half a lemon

Mix it all together, the wet first, then add the almond flour.
Wet a piece of parchment paper for your square tin, scrunch it and then mould it to your pan. Butter said paper if you like. I didn’t and a little did stick.
Dump in your mix and spread around.
Bake on 180-200oC Fan(I do EVERYTHING on 200…I’m weird I know.) and take em out! Let cool for 10 minutes.
If you want extra:
Whilst letting cool, mix together 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 teaspoons of lemon and a bit of zest if you so wish! and spread onto the top of your cake. Like a little glaze. It’s best I found if you did it whilst the cake was a little warm and you could spread it like spreading a freshly toasted crumpet with butter! It melts into the cake.

The cake did taste nice and lemony, and very buttery! I really want to try coconut oil next time but I keep forgetting I’ve run out! 🙂

Let me know if you do try it!! 🙂

Now, cup of tea anyone?

IMG_5600*Yes I know honey is a sugar…

Our Lakeside Country Park review

Lakeside Country Park is one of those places I went to visit a few times as a small child. It’s a great little place, great for kids, great for dogs, great for walkers and picnic’ers alike! This blog focuses more on the kiddie side of things though! Lakeside is a fairly large country park, with a small children’s steam train ride that runs in the summer(check dates before you go!) it has a little learning centre too by the lake, for lake activities and school trips, things like that I haven’t done before and it’s not the largest learning area ever, and by next year they are updating and expanding alot apparently! That should be exciting!
We had gone for lunch at the nearby Eastleigh Swan Centre complex and thought why we’re here, why not have a little train ride and park visit for Jijah and Juju! This was Juju’s first time!

At the country park there is a little cafe incase you want to stop and have lunch, but I must say I’m not a huge fan, it reminds me of a greasy spoon! We’d already had lunch, so we were aiming just for an ice cream!
In the ticket office(which is in the gift shop) we paid £15 for two adult first class returns, one child first class return, one flag and three ice creams! Nice ice creams too! Not too bad!

You could take a good few hours around lakeside, there is a walk all around the park, area to walk around the lake, where you often see fishermen, the train which you can return on at any time if you buy a return, or else you could walk back. There is also a kiddies playpark at the train stop you get to on the other side of the park from the entrance.

The ‘countryside’ and wildlife you see whilst on the train is lovely. the park has lots of areas that are quite left to the wildlife.
IMG_5552 IMG_5551 IMG_5558 IMG_5520 IMG_5519 IMG_5518 IMG_5517  IMG_5524
If not a little spoilt by the new build estate you can see around the country park sometimes depending on where you are. This wasn’t here when I was a child!

We stopped and had a little ice cream whilst waiting for the first class train, the wait can be upto 30 minutes depending on which train you want to get on and when you get there! They have a clever little map with a moving light to show you where the trains are, and a video showing you where they are going too! Neat!

Once we ate we hopped on our train and travelled to the playpark stop(I don’t remember the proper name!)
IMG_5539IMG_5541IMG_5542   IMG_5538                       IMG_5536

After a little swing and run around we considered a walk around the lake, but we didn’t take the pushchair on the train(you can do) and Juju was getting too heavy to carry so we just headed back as our train came in the station! There is a lovely little picnic area by the top stop though, we have used that before. It’s quite nice watching the trains arrive and go as you eat.

And so ended our trip to Lakeside. Just a short one this time! We will go again one day I’m sure!

IMG_5507                                                IMG_5511 IMG_5525                                               IMG_5555 IMG_5564

World Breastfeeding Week: 5 Things I love about breastfeeding.

Hi, I’m Pippa and I’ve been breastfeeding since May 2012 with a 6 month break during pregnancy. That’s about 3 years of Breastfeeding!
There are a number of things I love about breastfeeding, there are also a number of things I dislike, but the lkes outweigh those, so let’s talk about those!

  1. The eye rolling into the back of the head look of ecstasy when my baby gets his comfort and nourishment when he really wants and needs it! It’s the look of ‘ahhhhhh’ like when you drink a cold can of coke on a hot day xD
  2. The ease of comforting baby, when they’re sad or hurt..just pop on the boob and there all fixed!!
  3. It’s cheap! It’s not free….not in terms of the Mothering it takes, that’s why I won’t call it free 😉
  4. It’s natural! I’ve spoken about our love for the natural-and what is more natural than using your body for it’s purpose? humans > human milk. baby cows > cow milk. It’s a hard one though this one, not everyone agrees it’s natural…not everyone thinks we should ever drink cow milk…and it’s not like we drink human milk forever…I dunno! It’s still natural to me.
  5. The calorie taker! For the first few months, before weaning anyways, I really think breastfeeding uses up alot of calories! I found last time when weaning started and breastmilk wasn’t the only source of food, I gained weight easier even though my own food intake hadn’t changed. It’s a little bit of payback for the first few months!11742752_10155800528790543_6313355024240688701_n

Home Education Inspiration: Colours & Colour Mixing

This week of life/home ed was filled with the sickies and not very much inspiration for said topic! I decided to pick colours this week and I slightly regret it not being a very Jijah decided topic to do because he hasn’t really been into it! And I’m not pushing it 🙂 This week’s Home Education Inspiration blog will take 2 parts, because we didn’t finish all the activities I have planned and I also haven’t finished gathering all the resources for the next one yet!

Just an FYI, Jijah knows all his colours already, I was trying to move towards colour mixing.
Again, this week I had a little look on youtube for ‘colours themed’ tv programmes for Jijah to watch this week(we may seem to watch alot of TV or something, but we don’t usually! We don’t even have a TV license.)
I struggled to find anything too interesting, A simple colour mixing youtube skit, a very funny and funky colour mixing song by sesame street!(fun!), an episode about colours with Barney and an episode of Tikabilla about colours too.
Playlist here

I have had a little scout of our book corner for books about colours, and I found a few.
IMG_5451My Many Coloured Days is a favourite of mine! Unfortunately Jijah isn’t quite as impressed! I had a look in the library for ‘Little Blue and Little Yellow’ another favourite of mine, but they didn’t have it!

Now, we started off with a light activity! Just talking about colours and doing some playdough fun! We all joined in, and Juju thought it was a very tasty activity!
IMG_5482 IMG_5478 IMG_5479 IMG_5476

We made a colourful rainbow, but Jijah assured me it wasn’t real as it didn’t have red in it!

Next activity was making a lava bottle for Juju! He didn’t get why I wouldn’t let him tip it all over himself!
IMG_5453 IMG_5457
We used veggie oil and paint and water(as I didn’t have any colouring) In theory I swear it should have worked but it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped! Still works though. Juju likes rolling it around the floor.

Now the next bit is a long bit! Bare with!
This was a very fun activity and Jijah loved it! Jijah colour hunting photography! I showed him how to use the camera!(risky!!) and he picked a colour and on our way to the shops he photographed everything he spotted that was blue!(it was a very slow walk!)
Here they are:

A blue car

A blue car

A dark blue car

A dark blue car

Blue doors

Blue doors

A blue Jijah!

A blue Jijah!

A far away blue car

A far away blue car

Another blue car! @_@

Another blue car! @_@

Blue rubbish

Blue rubbish

A cat...not blue.

A cat…not blue.

A blue sign.

A blue sign.

Another blue sign.

Another blue sign.

A blue door!

A blue door!

Blue flowers!

Blue flowers!

Blue flags!

Blue flags!

More blue flags!

More blue flags!

The last activity for this week was a go at colour mixing. Mess free colour mixing!
The idea is that you put the paint inside plastic baggys and seal them and then get the kids to mix them all up and see what colour it makes!
Jijah wasn’t impressed he couldn’t just PAINT!…and didn’t understand why we were making different paint colours ourselves when he could just use the ready made paint colours we already had in the bottles!!!
We planned to do painting afterwards with the paint but it never happened. Next week!! Keep tuned for week 2!

We printed out some sheets to help tell us what to mix from Twinkl.

We printed out some sheets to help tell us what to mix from Twinkl.


You can use the bags of paint to do mark making after you’re done mixing!

IMG_5569 IMG_5573 IMG_5574 IMG_5577 IMG_5578