World Breastfeeding Week: 5 Things I love about breastfeeding.

Hi, I’m Pippa and I’ve been breastfeeding since May 2012 with a 6 month break during pregnancy. That’s about 3 years of Breastfeeding!
There are a number of things I love about breastfeeding, there are also a number of things I dislike, but the lkes outweigh those, so let’s talk about those!

  1. The eye rolling into the back of the head look of ecstasy when my baby gets his comfort and nourishment when he really wants and needs it! It’s the look of ‘ahhhhhh’ like when you drink a cold can of coke on a hot day xD
  2. The ease of comforting baby, when they’re sad or hurt..just pop on the boob and there all fixed!!
  3. It’s cheap! It’s not free….not in terms of the Mothering it takes, that’s why I won’t call it free 😉
  4. It’s natural! I’ve spoken about our love for the natural-and what is more natural than using your body for it’s purpose? humans > human milk. baby cows > cow milk. It’s a hard one though this one, not everyone agrees it’s natural…not everyone thinks we should ever drink cow milk…and it’s not like we drink human milk forever…I dunno! It’s still natural to me.
  5. The calorie taker! For the first few months, before weaning anyways, I really think breastfeeding uses up alot of calories! I found last time when weaning started and breastmilk wasn’t the only source of food, I gained weight easier even though my own food intake hadn’t changed. It’s a little bit of payback for the first few months!11742752_10155800528790543_6313355024240688701_n

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