Our Lakeside Country Park review

Lakeside Country Park is one of those places I went to visit a few times as a small child. It’s a great little place, great for kids, great for dogs, great for walkers and picnic’ers alike! This blog focuses more on the kiddie side of things though! Lakeside is a fairly large country park, with a small children’s steam train ride that runs in the summer(check dates before you go!) it has a little learning centre too by the lake, for lake activities and school trips, things like that I haven’t done before and it’s not the largest learning area ever, and by next year they are updating and expanding alot apparently! That should be exciting!
We had gone for lunch at the nearby Eastleigh Swan Centre complex and thought why we’re here, why not have a little train ride and park visit for Jijah and Juju! This was Juju’s first time!

At the country park there is a little cafe incase you want to stop and have lunch, but I must say I’m not a huge fan, it reminds me of a greasy spoon! We’d already had lunch, so we were aiming just for an ice cream!
In the ticket office(which is in the gift shop) we paid £15 for two adult first class returns, one child first class return, one flag and three ice creams! Nice ice creams too! Not too bad!

You could take a good few hours around lakeside, there is a walk all around the park, area to walk around the lake, where you often see fishermen, the train which you can return on at any time if you buy a return, or else you could walk back. There is also a kiddies playpark at the train stop you get to on the other side of the park from the entrance.

The ‘countryside’ and wildlife you see whilst on the train is lovely. the park has lots of areas that are quite left to the wildlife.
IMG_5552 IMG_5551 IMG_5558 IMG_5520 IMG_5519 IMG_5518 IMG_5517  IMG_5524
If not a little spoilt by the new build estate you can see around the country park sometimes depending on where you are. This wasn’t here when I was a child!

We stopped and had a little ice cream whilst waiting for the first class train, the wait can be upto 30 minutes depending on which train you want to get on and when you get there! They have a clever little map with a moving light to show you where the trains are, and a video showing you where they are going too! Neat!

Once we ate we hopped on our train and travelled to the playpark stop(I don’t remember the proper name!)
IMG_5539IMG_5541IMG_5542   IMG_5538                       IMG_5536

After a little swing and run around we considered a walk around the lake, but we didn’t take the pushchair on the train(you can do) and Juju was getting too heavy to carry so we just headed back as our train came in the station! There is a lovely little picnic area by the top stop though, we have used that before. It’s quite nice watching the trains arrive and go as you eat.

And so ended our trip to Lakeside. Just a short one this time! We will go again one day I’m sure!

IMG_5507                                                IMG_5511 IMG_5525                                               IMG_5555 IMG_5564


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