Juju at 1 year. Happy 1st Birthday Juju!


My name is : Baby Juju!
My favourite book is: Noisy Farm or Baby’s day
I love it when Mum cooks: Pasta and Garlic bread or fish fingers
My favourite person is: Mumma. She has the ‘ahh-ahhs’!! Lately ‘ahh ahh’s’ is less important and Daddy is the man. Mumma’s time is running short!
I’m really good at: having a boogie to any tune I hear!
My best friend is: Jijah
My favourite TV show is: Peg + Cat. The music really is my thing!
My favourite snack is: Ella’s kitchen cheese and herb wheels or biscuits
When I grow up I want to be: Just like Jijah
My favourite toy is: Cars…and balls! I quite like duplo and destroying train tracks too.
My favourite game is: Peekaboo or screaming contest with Jijah
Teeth I have: Two at the bottom, half of one on top!
What skills I am working on right now: Growing two top teeth and standing all by myself.
I sleep: when forced xD
Gross Motor skills I have mastered in the last year: Crawling, pulling up, climbing, walking around furniture, half rolling, climbing up the stairs
Fine/r Motor skills I have mastered in the last year: High fiving, waving, using Mummy’s phone, throwing stuff, pointing, clapping
Baby Sign language moves I can do: more, finished, please, no!
Things I hate: having my nails cut, being with anyone but mummy or daddy(most of the time), teething, not having what Jijah has, being still…!

Thanks for reading about all things Juju!


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