Cow and Gate Growing up Milk Review – Bzz Agent

I recently searched the net for money making, money saving, couponing ways of the world. Obviously, most people would like to save more money, and someone has been watching too much Extreme Couponer!

I found this little site called BzzAgent. Whilst reading through the facebook pages and internet, it was mostly filled with complaints about people never getting anything from them but if you read the rules, it says you are likely to get only a couple of things per year. Basically, the company sends you products for you to ‘word of mouth’ advertise. Review, bore all your social media pals with posts about..that kind of thing…why not I said!

Recently I received my first ‘mission’…Growing up milk…anyone know knows me well, knows I am no advocate of follow on milk, growing up milk, or formula at all really. But especially follow on milks like this! You can turn down these campaigns and I almost did, but I decided to give it a go. If Jude really liked it, I may use it! Jude was and still is(and will be for the foreseeable future) breastfed and he doesn’t enjoy drinking mlk. We have tried giving him a bottle of cows or goats milk but just like his older brother, is having non of it.
I’ve always been told that babies post 1 year do not need formula at all any more, and follow on milk is just the creation of money grabbing formula companies wanting to make their money some place, any place they can. Like with the worried thoughts of the frazzled mums who are concerned their babies aren’t getting enough nutrients. I see why this would work.

Everyone knows that formula is expensive though, so transferring your baby onto cows milk is probably the cheaper and more preferred option. These little bottles that I have received retail around 65p per 200ml, they’re handy and ready to pour and you’re advised on the packaging to use just under two of these a day.
The price isn’t the main thing that puts me off on first appearance though, it’s the long list of ingredients. And the note that there is 8.4g of sugars for half of the small bottle. Quite alot!
Before letting baby Juju try the milk, I say it’s not worth the money, sugary milk. You can buy 2litres of vitamin fortified whole cows milk from the supermarkets for 1.50£ – 2.50£ and it has a simple list of ingredients. Whole milk and a couple of vitamins. Or, you could save even more money and if you’re truly worried about your age 1 year plus baby’s vitamin intake, grab some of the FREE vitamin drops from your health visitor or doctor and give them along side a healthy balanced diet and whole cows milk(or in our case, goats!)-that’s another story.

As I said, I do kind of want to let baby Juju try the milk. Because he won’t take any other milk in a bottle and I would occasionally, now he is 1 year want him to have a bottle of milk instead of breast. Maybe the extra sugar in it will make him like it! I wouldn’t have chosen to buy it myself to try so it’s worth a go for free.12170274_10156105776595543_835669226_n
Here are the boys trying the milk. 1 year old Juju did give the milk a try and probably entertained the idea for slightly longer than usual, but again, as norm, threw it and refused it!
Although this milk says ages 1-2…our 3 year old tried some too. He liked it! He didn’t notice a difference between this and cows milk at first, but didn’t finish his cup as usual. He ended saying he thought it tasted like mushrooms…! But he is 3…

Would I buy it? no…but not because it doesn’t do what it says on the bottle…it does. There isn’t anything wrong with the product. I’m just not a fan and it’s more expensive than normal fresh milk!


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