Recipe: Our favourite protein packed easy peasy gluten free, sugar free pancakes!

These ‘pancakes’ are a firm breakfast favourite in our house! Loaded with protein, it’s a winner winner for Mrs Sugardoesn’tprocesswellpants(me!) and the kids love them too! Jijah is just like Mummy and doesn’t like cereals much! He either requests waffles(the toasted horrible kind) or pancakes! So I try to make these as often as possible […]

Recipe: Sugar free, Gluten free Cocoa fruity flax muffies

Hello dear reader, These little babies were a complete experiment in using up flaxseed!! I currently have a bag of goji flax and a bag of cocoa berry flax to use up! They’re not cheap so don’t wanna waste em! Flax is also very good for you! Fibre, anyone? Essential fatty acids, anyone? Yes please!…. […]

Recipe: Peanut butter cacao nib no bake energy balls

Hello non baking! I enjoy you very alot! These balls*snigger* are a great breakfast cheat. Packed with protein and energy giving food stuffs to last you at least until elevenses, when you could have some lemon blondies, right? xD I’ve made these before, but with real chocolate chips! I made these healthier by using cacao nibs(like […]

Recipe: Sugar free, gluten free lemon blondies

These moist(donchya love that word?!), buttery babies are gluten free and pretty much sin free(sorry Slimming World ladies, I don’t know about SYN free!) and quite tasty! Something your Granny might like! Actually my Mother would! Sorry Mum! They’re a bit like a piece of lemon drizzle! What these babies take to make: 1 and […]

World Breastfeeding Week: 5 Things I love about breastfeeding.

Hi, I’m Pippa and I’ve been breastfeeding since May 2012 with a 6 month break during pregnancy. That’s about 3 years of Breastfeeding! There are a number of things I love about breastfeeding, there are also a number of things I dislike, but the lkes outweigh those, so let’s talk about those! The eye rolling […]

Home Education Inspiration: Colours & Colour Mixing

This week of life/home ed was filled with the sickies and not very much inspiration for said topic! I decided to pick colours this week and I slightly regret it not being a very Jijah decided topic to do because he hasn’t really been into it! And I’m not pushing it 🙂 This week’s Home […]