Our trip to the Isle of Wight.

So we’re back from the Island and I thought I’d write a little run down of what we did whilst there. You have already seen my little prep for our trip, the beaches and boats topic! It did help Jijah be in the know in regards to what was going on with the ferry! From our […]

Our homeschooling choice: Sheltering our children.

Some people have spoken to me about finding home educated children too sheltered, too naive, too young for their age…or just plain weird? Heaven forbid anyone be weird, right?!!! This can be true, these kids can be different, and even sheltered. They’re not thrust out into the ‘real world’ after all. They get to stay primarily […]

Our homeschool choice: Socialization

Now, what about socialisation ?! I hear the sceptic cry. Am I going to turn them into weirdo recluses, are they going to be lonely? Weirdos, maybe..they do belong to my husband and I! Seriously, I have come across a wide range of home educated children, some more…different than others. Some shy, some confident, some […]

Our homeschooling choice.

As you may or may not know, lovely person who is perusing my blog, we plan to are home schooling our two boys. Whilst our oldest is only just 3 years old, and not yet of school age, he is of pre school age and I really don’t set an age limit on education or learning. Many […]