Gestational Diabetes – What I wish I’d known.

What I wish I’d known – Gestational Diabetes Edition!  (UK) That I don’t have to give up ALL fats!! Good fats are…good! And may even help numbers! (UK) Protein is my friend! Oh why didn’t my care providers know or tell my this?! e.g. Bread alone = high # Chicken + bread = ok #! […]

Baby Juju’s birth story. TMI!

As I mentioned in my last post briefly, I developed GD(Gestational diabetes) during my 2nd pregnancy, my pregnancy with baby Juju! Throughout my later pregnancy, the doctor and GD midwife were insistent that my baby was reasonably well sized(their prediction was to be about the size Jijah was at birth, which was fine to me, […]

Pregnancy 2nd time around

2013 was an eventful year! We moved house, to a new town that I’d never lived in before. I mentioned before I lived in a slightly posh, generally rich area before. Now I live in a slightly posh, generally grannyfied area now! xD Leading upto Christmas, I started to crave fish…fish and chip shop battered […]

Bringing up a new marriage whilst bringing up a new baby.

Mummy and Daddy got married eighteen months after we first got together. This was a little odd to some people. We announced to people that we were expecting a baby just three months after we got married. This was cray cray* to quite a few people! Thankfully for us, people seemed to come around pretty […]

Baby Lijie’s birth story. TMI.

After a perfectly great pregnancy, apart from a “thing” to do with Doctor’s fears over blood mismatches(turned out my son is the same blood type as me after all!), the midwives making me take numerous diabetes tests because I’m “clinically obese” or “fluffy” as one midwife said(always perfect blood sugar levels) and feeling a bit […]