Recipe: Sugar free, gluten free lemon blondies

These moist(donchya love that word?!), buttery babies are gluten free and pretty much sin free(sorry Slimming World ladies, I don’t know about SYN free!) and quite tasty! Something your Granny might like! Actually my Mother would! Sorry Mum! They’re a bit like a piece of lemon drizzle! What these babies take to make: 1 and […]

I wanna live forever!!

Ok, not quite…I am into misleading blog titles though, can you tell?! This blog post is actually a little introduction to my sugar-free-living recipes and a little about my attempts at living a healthy lifestyle. The reason why I gave this blog post it’s silly title is because I want to live as sugar-free, and […]

Breastfeeding the 2nd time around.

See here for Breastfeeding story #1                                                      It seems like only yesterday I was writing the first breastfeeding story here! They do grow up fast!! The fact that they grow […]

Gestational Diabetes – What I wish I’d known.

What I wish I’d known – Gestational Diabetes Edition!  (UK) That I don’t have to give up ALL fats!! Good fats are…good! And may even help numbers! (UK) Protein is my friend! Oh why didn’t my care providers know or tell my this?! e.g. Bread alone = high # Chicken + bread = ok #! […]

Gestational diabetes, AKA pregnant and hangry.

If you’ve found this post because you’ve just been diagnosed with GD, and you’ve searched Dr Google for all the help you can get, hello! I’m sorry you’re probably worried sick, and that your medical professionals may have freaked you out alot! It’s not as terrible as it seems. And it’s not your fault! You […]

Baby Juju’s birth story. TMI!

As I mentioned in my last post briefly, I developed GD(Gestational diabetes) during my 2nd pregnancy, my pregnancy with baby Juju! Throughout my later pregnancy, the doctor and GD midwife were insistent that my baby was reasonably well sized(their prediction was to be about the size Jijah was at birth, which was fine to me, […]

Pregnancy 2nd time around

2013 was an eventful year! We moved house, to a new town that I’d never lived in before. I mentioned before I lived in a slightly posh, generally rich area before. Now I live in a slightly posh, generally grannyfied area now! xD Leading upto Christmas, I started to crave fish…fish and chip shop battered […]