Recipe: Sugar free, Gluten free Cocoa fruity flax muffies

Hello dear reader, These little babies were a complete experiment in using up flaxseed!! I currently have a bag of goji flax and a bag of cocoa berry flax to use up! They’re not cheap so don’t wanna waste em! Flax is also very good for you! Fibre, anyone? Essential fatty acids, anyone? Yes please!…. […]

Recipe: Banana and Date oat cookies

It was movie night the other night and I wanted cookies and milk for a movie snack! WHAT kind of cookies can you eat when you can’t eat sugar? Anything rubbish would have been well…rubbish! Just not the feeling you want from cookies and milk! We had lots of bananas and some oats I wanted to […]

Recipe: Chocolate date balls

These little balls, which I must say look rather suspicious at first glance! are one of my ‘tea time treat’ attempts. At those moments where you’re tired and need a little pick me up. These are the kind of things I turn to instead of the bad stuff! Made with no refined or raw cane […]