Recipe: Our favourite protein packed easy peasy gluten free, sugar free pancakes!

hese ‘pancakes’ are a firm breakfast favourite in our house! Loaded with protein, it’s a winner winner for Mrs Sugardoesn’tprocesswellpants(me!) and the kids love them too! Jijah is just like Mummy and doesn’t like cereals much! He either requests waffles(the toasted horrible kind) or pancakes! So I try to make these as often as possible as they’re quite healthy!
Now, whilst I call these babies pancakes, they aren’t strictly pancakes…Well, what even defines a pancake? These aren’t light and fluffy traditional american/scotch pancakes though!…unfortunately! But they are nice! Quite dense, almost the texture of very eggy eggy bread..but also quiet tasty! Especially with a drizzle of honey! Jijah’s favourite way to have them!

You will need: a food processor or a strong blender, a pan and a spatula(and some butter or cooking spray)!
IMG_5677 IMG_5678

Here is how you make them(they’re SO easy!):


You will need 1 medium banana, 2 eggs and some chia seeds(you can leave the seeds out but they’re great little things! Full of protein!)

IMG_5680IMG_5681 IMG_5682

Now bung all ingredients into blender, whizz up for a minute until it looks like this!


Spoon gently into blobs and kinda flatten them out a little into whichever shape you desire! 
Leave for a couple of minutes until you can lift up the edges with your spatula without them sticking and flip them over to cook a couple of minutes on the other side and serve! Wallah! Totes easy!

A sweet little bananaery pancake!
IMG_5687Let me know if you try!


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